Take-Home Final Exam (EDU 805)



Write and send by email, in an attached well structured Word document, a comprehensive discussion of the topic:


Impact of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) use on educational practice (teaching, professional development or management)


You have learned in this course about several types of technologies:

          productivity and organizational computer applications (Word, Excel, PPT, image and picture processing, etc.),

          educational software (pieces of programs for more dynamic teaching and learning), and

          online technologies (Web search for teaching/learning resources, wikis and blogs).


Discuss how would the use of the above various technologies affect educational practices: 1) Contents (curricula, topics to be taught, class activities, etc.), 2) methods of teaching and learning, 3) role of teacher (or coordinator / administrator), 4) role of students (or teachers), 5) assessment and evaluation.


The report should be 5-6 pages max. (an average of one page for each section)

You may elect to focus on a specific subject area, school level, or category of educational tasks.


Start your report with a cover page including the title of the course, “Final exam”, and YOUR NAME.


Use the following code for the email subject and the name of the attachment:

EDU805 Final Family.Name