Educational Website Review and Evaluation Guidelines:

      Grading scale:  
      Column1 Column2
    Educational Website Review and Evaluation Guidelines: 1 Not good
Evaluating  Comment : on the site: 2 Slightly good
    Documentation and credibility: 3  good
Excellent 1) Site author information is clearly stated, including name and contact information. 4 Very good
Excellent 2) Site author has provided credentials, if necessary. 5 Excellent
Excellent 3) Information sources are indicated, as necessary.    
Excellent 4) Date of the latest site revision is provided.    
Excellent 5) New information is highlighted.    
Slightly good 6) Fees or names are not requested to use site.    
Excellent 1) Site title represents content.    
Excellent 2) Purpose of goals of site are clearly stated.    
Excellent 3) Content can be used for various learning styles and inteligences.    
Excellent 4) Site has links to other relevant sites.    
Excellent 5) Information is current and accurate.    
Excellent 6) Content is free of stereotypes or bias.    
    Audience Appeal and Suitability:
Excellent 1) General appearance of site is appealing to target audience.    
Excellent 2) Language is developmentally appropriate for target audience.    
Excellent 3) Text and graphics are appropriate for target audience.    
Excellent 4) Content of linked sites is appropriate for target audience.    
    Ease of use, Navigation, and Accessibility:
Excellent 1) User can navigate through site without difficulty.    
Excellent 2) Help features and site map are available and easy to access.    
Excellent 3) Information is well organized.    
Very good 4) Links back to homepage are included on each succeeding page.    
Excellent 5) Links to other sites are relevant.    
Excellent 6) All links work.    
Excellent 7) Few large graphics increase download speed.    
Excellent 8) Directions given for downloading any needed plug-ins.    
Excellent 9) Site functions in a variety of browsers.    
Excellent 10) Site is accessible to individuals with disabilities.    
    User interface and Design:
Excellent 1) Navigation options are clearly marked and self-explanatory.    
Excellent 2) Spelling, punctuation, and grammar are correct.    
Excellent 3) Text is clear and in font suitable for intented audience.    
Excellent 4) Media elements (e.g., graphics, audio, video, animation, databases, JavaScript) are used to enhance content, as appropriate.    
Excellent 5) Media elements (e.g., graphics, audio, video, animation, databases, JavaScript) are of high quality.    
Slightly good 6) Design creates stimulating environment.    
Excellent 7) Design elements are consistent on all pages.    
Excellent 8) Advertising is either nonexistent or does not interfere with content.    

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